Christie Has Been Found!!!

The search is off. Christie has been found and is now getting the help she needs. THANK YOU ALL for your dedication and work!

Christie Caggiano

Also goes by Cecile Hoyt

“Our family is completely devastated. We desperately need the community to help bring Christie back to us.”


Have you seen this person?

If you have any information about Christie’s/Cecile’s whereabouts, please contact:

Anthony Caggiano:

NYC Police Dial: 911
*Please stay with Christie or follow behind her until 911 arrives.

Physical Description
Height:  5’4”;  Weight:  110-115lb;   Build:  Petite;  Eyes:  Brown;  Hair:  Brown, Shoulder Length and Thin (Thinning on Right Side), May Now Have Grey Roots;  Skin:  Olive Complexion (Will Be Tanned Now From Sun Exposure), Some Sun Spots

Summary of Medical History
Christie suffers from severe mental illness (Persecutory Delusional Disorder and Chronic Schizophrenia).  She has been hospitalized 4 times since 2020.  Christie ceased all medication and is psychotic.  She needs intervention and requires immediate medical attention.

Behavioral Description
Christie will present initially as passive and talkative.  Christie is sweet, engaging and articulate when not in crisis or when calm.  She will pace excessively and will appear anxious if stressed.  Christie can become spontaneously argumentative, inflammatory, or intentionally evasive.  She will provide one-word responses that are oddly related.  Christie will be purposefully uncooperative if asked if she needs medical care.

Additional Notes
Christie is completely without identification.  She intentionally left her phone, driver’s license, credit cards, bank card, and insurance cards.  She does not wish to be identified for fear that she will be hospitalized.  Christie may be self-medicating with cocaine and/or alcohol.  Should be checked for both when found.

Locations / Whereabouts
We believe that Christie is in the Upper West Side Area.  She has allegedly been seen on streets spanning W 59th to W 100th.  Christie was seen panhandling at W 80th and Amsterdam and again at Riverside Drive service road at 100th street in front of the Firefighters Monument.  Christie may be eating at pizza places, bakeries, Chik Fil A, and other cheap eats.  Christie was allegedly seen at Osteria Cotta at 513 Columbus Ave more than once.  She may also be at soup kitchens to get food.  Christie loves parks and water.  She will likely be spending days &/or nights in Riverside Park and/or Central Park West.  Best to check all churches and parks in UWS.  Christie loves dogs, so she may spend afternoons in areas where dogs are walked.

Other Locations to Consider
Bibble and Sip, New York Public Library Stephen Schwartzman Building, Church of the Blessed Sacrament, American Museum of Natural History, Barnes and Noble (2289 Broadway Location), East Village Thrift Shop, Vintage Thrift.

Missing Since: 6/14/21, Last seen 6/13/21